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Alain Martinet - Biography

Managing director of Integrative Strategy, an executive consulting company in OperationsGovernance & Strategy of Portfolios, Programs and Projects, Alain advises women and men managing business activities & corporate leaders of the industry sector. Alain intervenes in France and internationally as consultant, trainer, coach or key note speaker.


With a 5-year board member practice plus a 3-year Corporate HQ management, Alain has been business director, Corporate PMO senior manager, & project manager for international & industrial companies. He has had the responsibility for multidisciplinary & international teams or departments, about 100 people & €1,300M turnover.

He has been teaching business school students management, organizations, and team management.


Alain is currently based in Paris after 8 years of expatriation. He passed the Global Executive MBA degree from INSEAD in 2010 and gained expertise in engineering at the École Centrale de Marseille. 

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