For shaping your system


Whatever the environment, a business' take-off is more efficient when designed as a Portfolio/Program/Project activity.


creation business
Successful launch


IS pads you out:

  • from Design to Business Plan
  • Financing
  • Launch


Portfolio/Program/Project-mode change allows an organization to develop safely in the long run and adaptively to its capacity & environment.


growth organization
Better than surviving - All claws out


IS frees your potential:

  • Change
  • Competition
  • Innovation
  • Deployment
  • Internationalization
  • Investment
  • Cooperation
  • Integration


Sales & Marketing eases the activity refocus on its primary relation with its customers.




sales marketing
Ready to shift in 7th gear


IS shapes you up:

  • S&M Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Sales force
  • Control

IS guides you in the design & deployment of your


to increase the reach of your enterprise.

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Aligning the system - Objectives, tactics & resources

Examples of typical

Missions, Trainings, Coachings

in Strategy

Business creation support

Business plan elaboration

Change program management

Business diagnostic

International development steer

5Y- / 10Y- business unit strategy design

Market positioning advice

Sales process optimization

Tender management

Media portfolio enhancement

Customer-supplier conflict resolution



Do not hesitate to CONTACT IS to clarify together your needs.

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